I liked their offer a lot. It suited me nicely. I will not go for any other money advance company except goquickcash in future. Their unique programs are really easy to use. Everything including their customer care is really great.
Kim, LA

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Pay Day Cash Loan is Solution to Your Instant Cash Requirements

Everyone comes across some situation in life when they require immediate cash but do not have the means to meet the ends. In such cases pay day cash loan is the only solution for such people. Moreover, this type loan becomes even more important for the people with bad credit records since there is no credit rating checking involved in approval of the pay day cash loan as long as you have a steady source of income, is 18 or above and citizen of United States.

Things to Remember

Before selecting the provider you must find out whether such provider gives you a clear insight into the legal requirements since such requirements and rates of interests may vary from state to state. It would be good to find out a provider that offers nationwide services or at least check out with them what the relevant legal requirements are rates of interests are.

Factors Important in Pay Day Cash Loan

Some factors that are very important in determining the type of loan and the lender from whom such loan is accepted are:

  • Cost of credit per $100 borrowed.
  • Annual percentage rate on the loan.
  • Number of days on which interest rates are based.
  • Maximum amount of loan that can be availed.
  • Loan approval time frames.
  • Whether the lender makes overnight deposit in the borrower’s account.
  • Penalties and other charges in case of unfortunate default by the next pay check date.
  • Loan repayment methods and facilities of electronic transfer.
  • Loan extension and renewal periods and terms and conditions.
  • Cancellation of loan options.

If the lender explains all these perfectly and does not back away from giving required clarifications, such lender is the one to be opted for. Past records and experience in the field will also count.

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